• 1907

    Metal moulder of check origin Antanas (Antonio) Hokušas established a mechanical workshop. This workshop is the place of historical origins of auto compressor production industry. The first products – moulded statues for crosses, bas-reliefs for sarcophages, a little bit later spare parts for threshing machines were put into production.
  • 1932

    After death of Antanas Hokušas, the workshop was taken over and modernized by his son Adolfas.
  • 1940

    Having nationalized the workshop, company „Laisvė“ is established.
  • 1946

    The company continues its work as a plant of agricultural technique.
  • 1957

    Having decided to expand company, in J. Janonio street a new plant’s base „Pirmoji aikštelė“ is founded.
  • 1959

    The first compressor 120-3509009 was produced. The first consignment was intended for trucks ZIL-120.
  • 1961

    Manufacture of compressors for automobiles of type MAZ-200, MAZ-500 was taken from Minskas automobile plant. Auto compressors were supplied for automobile manufacturer KAMAZ.
  • 1965

    In J. Janonio street a building of 5000 sq. meters had been built additionally, where three mechanical bars and assembly shop were established. 648 people worked there.
  • 1969

    In Pramonės street 8 eleven storey building – plant’s administration was built.
  • 1976-1978

    Auto compressor manufacture unit, foundry, construction and maintenance shops were built. Six main and three auxiliary shops were operating in the plant.
  • 1979

    Compressors of nine names are already produced in the plant, 3878 people work there.
  • 1985

    Production licence of one-cylinder compressor, designated for MAZ, KAMAZ, buses “Ikarus” was bought from German company KNOR-BREMSE.
  • 1986

    Having joined Šiauliai bicycle and engine factory to auto compressor plant, industrial association was established.
  • 1991

    Panevėžys auto compressor plant became an independent state enterprise „Aurida“.
  • 1993

    State stock company „Aurida“ was founded.
  • 1994

    On 02/11 carrying out privatization, stock company „Aurida“ was incorporated. The owners of the main block of shares became Redas Klupšas and Raimondas Kušlys with family members.
  • 1995

    15 joint stock companies were established in the base of SC „Aurida“, which purpose was to render services beyond the limits of SC „Aurida“ and serve the main production. In July an auction of asset of SC „Aurida”, mortgaged to the bank SNORAS, was announced. On 04/08 bankruptcy proceedings were started against SC „Aurida“ . On 10/09 in order to retain manufacture of compressors JSC „Panevėžio Aurida” was incorporated, which took over asset and liabilities of JSC „Šaulio lankas“. 15 legal and natural entities became shareholders. On 01/10 „Panevėžio Aurida“ retained manufacture process and continued production of auto compressors. 947 employees worked in the company, 30108 compressors were produced.
  • 1996

    Demand of cast iron ingots having dropped down, their manufacture has been terminated. Foundry has been stopped.
  • 1997

    Manufacture of compressors decreases. Rotors are manufactured, aluminium ingots are casted. The number of employees reduced up to 600.
  • 1998

    Raimondas Kušlys became a chairman of company’s board of directors, Redas Klupšas – director general. Company’s work was negatively impacted by financial crisis in Russia. 515 people worked in the plant, 35708 compressors were made.
  • 2000

    Bankrupted SC „Aurida“ was checked out from register of legal entities. Legal processes, which obstructed work of JSC „Panevėžio Aurida“, are over.
  • 2001

    JSC „Panevėžio Aurida“ creates its image, participates in exhibitions, actively works in the markets.
  • 2002

    Quality management system, corresponding to international standard ISO 9001-2000, was introduced. 300 000th compressor was produced.
  • 2004

    Redas Klupšas is elected as chairman of board of directors of JSC „Panevėžio Aurida“ . He is assigned as director general as well. Former chairman of board of directors Raimondas Kušlys leaves Company. JSC „Panevėžio Aurida“ successfully continues industrial activity, export makes up 97 per cent of production. Environmental protection management certificate ISO 14001:1996 is introduced. Regional warehouses are established in Russia, network of trade representatives is created.
  • 2005

    Anniversary of 10 years active industrial performance of JSC „Panevėžio Aurida“ is commemorated. 217 employees work in the company, 450 000th compressor is produced. Nomenclature of produced compressors is renewed. Company is awarded by prize „The Best Industrial Company of Aukštaitija 2005“ (Panevėžys Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts), retrospect edition „Panevėžio Aurida“: kelias į kalną“ („Vaga“ ) is issued.
  • 2006-2008

    The company has been working steadily, industrial volumes have been growing. LPK (Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialist) awards received: „The Exporter of the Year - 2006“, „Successfully Performing Enterprise - 2007“, „Winner of National Innovations Prize - 2007“ (LPK and Centre of Innovations). Project, funded by ESF, which value amounts to LTL 1516304 is implemented in the company with participation of 60 employees.
  • 2009

    50 years for Lithuanian compressor. Global financial crisis disbalanced manufacture. 30 percent of employees left the company. 25922 compressors were produced.
  • 2010

    Production is growing, turnover increased 80 per cent. Panevėžio Aurida participates in the instrument „New Possibilities “, funded by EU, with the project „Export and Marketing Development of JSC „Panevėžio Aurida“. Value of the project – LTL 185000. Company received LPK nominations „Successfully Performing Enterprise - 2010 “ and „Lithuanian Exporter of the Year - 2010”.
  • 2011

    Panevėžio Aurida is the winner of LPK awards „Successfully Performing Enterprise“ and „Lithuanian Exporter of the Year“ again.
  • 2012

    Global financial crisis is undergone. 888888th compressor was produced on October 11, 2012. For the first time in LPK competition „Lithuanian Product of the Year” compressor 1111-102 is conferred gold medal category. Panevėžio Aurida received the LPK award „Successfully Performing Enterprise - 2012“ and Panevėžys CCIC Export Award for Successful Expansion of Exports and the Development of Markets.
  • 2013

    Constant desire to improve its products led Panevėžio Aurida to the LPK award „Lithuanian Product of the Year“ for the second time in a row: the compressor 3112 – 101 was conferred gold medal category. The next award, received by the company this year, was „Successfully Performing Enterprise - 2013 “. Panevėžio Aurida also successfully implemented the project „Feasibility Study on the Improvement of Dynamic, Vibrational and Acoustic Characteristics of a Single Cylinder Compressor for Serial Production”.
  • 2014

    October 27 th , 2014, the 1000000 th compressor was made. Panevėžio Aurida received the Certificate of Appreciation from Panevezys CCIC for the Creation of the Innovative Compressor.
  • 2015

    The company succesfully implemented the project „Purchase of the Research and Development Equipment in the JSC „Panevėžio Aurida“ in Order to Create New Generation Compressors“, which was partially funded by the EU.
  • 2016

    Panevėžio Aurida received Panevėžys CCIC Export Award for Successful Expansion of Exports and the Development of Markets.
  • 2017

    Panevėžio Aurida received LPK award „Successfully Performing Enterprise - 2017“ and Panevezys CCIC prize Best Manufacturing Company of Aukstaitija Region in the large manufacturing companies’ category. In LPK competition „Lithuanian Product of the Year 2017” compressor 5222-100 is conferred gold medal category.