sightseeing tour in Krakow (Poland)

On September 14-15,2019, the employees of UAB ‘‘Panevėžio Aurida‘‘ visited one of the most popular cities in Poland – Krakow. It is a city of kings, full of legends, enchanting with its majesty and extraordinary beauty. During our sightseeing tour we visited Krakow’s Old Town with one of the oldest universities in Europe and sacred architecture of stunning beauty. We came to Wawel Hill on which is the Royal Wawel Castle and the Gothic Cathedral of spectacular grandeur. Also during our trip we visited the Church of Mary, whose main decoration is a wooden carved altar created by Veit Stoss.
We spent the second day of the excursion at the “Wieliczka” salt mines. It is a world-famous tourist attraction. The salt mines have been working continuously since the 13th century. Nowadays, however, rather than being sourced for commercial purposes, the extracted salt is used for various other applications. Today’s Mine is a 2.5-kilometer-long excursion trail that runs through tunnels 64 to 135 meters underground. We also visited the underground museum, where we got acquainted with the history of old Krakow: fragments of the buildings of the medieval settlement, original relics discovered during excavations.

2019 09 20

“STIHL Savickas Classic 2019”

On September 8, 2019, the international competition “STIHL Savickas Classic 2019” took place during Panevėžys city birthday. UAB PANEVĖŽIO AURIDA is pleased to be a sponsor of this event.
In total, this eighth annual tournament in Panevezys was attended by nine participants, three from Lithuania: Mantas Lalas, Karolis Aleksandravičius and Vidas Blekaitis. All of the contestants had to overcome the weight lifting relay, carry 400 kg weights, roll the tires, do squats with 300 kg and move 180 kg of stones.
During the competition, the spectators could also see the relays prepared by our company. One of them – the 200 kg pallet loaded with our compressors, was forced to pull a certain length of time.

2019 09 13

“COMTRANS 2015” in Moscow (Russia)

On September 2-6, 2019, the company participated in the 15th international exhibition for commercial vehicles “COMTRANS 2015” in Moscow (Russia).
The exhibition featured the latest products and technology solutions from market giants such as KAMAZ, IVECO, HYUNDAI, RENAULT, VOLVO and others. According to the organizers of the event, we could see as many as 230 exhibitors from all over the world, and the number of visitors exceeded 18 000.‘’COMTRANS 2019’’ –  the best reflection of what is happening in today’s heavyweight car industry.

2019 09 13

MIMS Automechanika Moscow 2019

We visited MIMS Automechanika Moscow exhibition in Russia.
MIMS Automechanika Moscow is the leading exhibition of automotive spare parts, automotive components, equipment and vehicle maintenance products in Russia and Eastern Europe.

2019 09 3

R&D laboratory

The company has a research and development laboratory for testing, developing and analyzing new products. Four new compressors test stands were manufactured, 3D measuring machine and aluminum chemical composition analyzer were purchased for this project. The R&D laboratory performs tests to determine the characteristics of the compressor: compressed air performance, power consumption, compressed air temperature, cooling efficiency.
Panevėžio Aurida UAB pays special attention to product quality assurance, efficiency of all processes, development and implementation of quality research.

2019 08 12

Industrial event “Siberian Roads and Transport” 2019

Another interesting visit to Russia! On April 16, 2019, the representatives of Panevėžio Aurida UAB visited industrial event “Siberian Roads and Transport” which took place in the exhibition hall “Sibexpocentr“,  in Irkutsk.
The largest achievements in the field of transportation was demonstrated during the exhibition. The latest models of transport technology for road construction and operation have also been introduced.

2019 04 26

the Day of Safe Traffic 2019

Another victory! The representatives of UAB ‘‘Panevėžio Aurida‘‘ participated in driving competition organized by Panevezys Labor Market Training Center, to celebrate the Day of Safe Traffic. We won 3rd place in 42 teams!
During the competition, participants had to demonstrate practical skills in driving relays, pass theoretical test of traffic rules and safe driving. Moreover, each competitor had to overcome the relevant part of the relay with new vehicles: KIA (automatic transmission), Toyota (hybrid) and Volkswagen (automatic transmission). We are proud that our company –  among the top 3 safest driving companies in Panevėžys County!

2019 04 19

BELAZ factory (Belarus)

On March 20, 2019 we visited the BELAZ factory which is located in the city of Zhodino in Belarus. For this company we sell compressor (130-3509009-11), which is used for manufacturing BELAZ quarry dump trucks with YMZ 240 series engines.
Representatives of UAB Panevėžio Aurida participated in the meeting with BELAZ quality department specialists who demonstrated the process of installing a compressor on the engine. Moreover, they introduced the company’s subtleties of production. It is also a pleasure to mention that BELAZ, the leader of the automotive industry, celebrates it’s 75th anniversary. What is more the company of BELAZ investing heavily in production facilities and development of the company.

2019 03 26

Minsk Motor Factory (MMZ)

On March 20, 2019, the representatives of UAB Panevėžio Aurida visited Minsk Motor Factory (MMZ), in which majority of production is for MTZ (BELARUS) tractors. We are pleased that with a wide range of high quality products, we have been able to offer our compressors as an alternative to the products already used in engine production. The latest projects and future visions of the companies were discussed during the visit. The review of cooperation opportunities will allow us to design and offer high quality products that meet the customer’s expectations. Product Quality Assurance and Innovation Development are factors that create long-term and promising cooperation!

2019 03 25

1188 888th compressor

On February 19, 2019, in our factory was made 1188 888th compressor (3112-101) which is mounted on the engine of ‘PAZ’ bus. We are glad that our long-term experience allows us to produce only high quality products that meet the expectations of our customers. Such a result gives us even more determination and stubbornness to achieve our goals.

2019 03 8